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Hello! My name is Norma Rapko Vargas, and the first thing you should know about me is that Iím a tremendous lover of people. Iím constantly fascinated with them in so many ways. Each soul so rich with thoughts and ideas all their own, brimming with boundless potential. If you can dream it, you can do it. Itís exciting just to think about.

As a designer and a creator, encapsulating myself and my space with beautiful adornments has always been very important to me. Creating a space you love and cherish is imperative to your good health. Beautifying every corner of my surroundings gives me peace. From wall to wall and head to toe, Iím most at home when Iím living my vision. 

Iím the second eldest of five siblings. We had a wonderful time coming of age together. Always dreaming, playing and making believe. My youth is where many of my passions were hatched. 
Even though Iím all grown up now, family continues to be at the core of my being. Iíve done television, won awards, traveled the country, created a signature product line and am a published author, but my greatest achievement so far is my family. Married to my soulmate and blessed beyond words with two amazing children, I feel lucky every day. 
An altruist at heart, Iíve always enjoyed lending a hand to those in need. No matter how hectic things get, I always make time to help those less fortunate than myself. Iíve spent time as a Missionary in Mexico building homes in poor communities. Locally, I have extended my Mission work through teaching craft workshops in my church ministry sprinkling empowerment and inspiration upon hundreds of students a year.

I believe that beauty can be found in the most unlikely of places. We need only seek it.

I trust that God has a plan for me and has gifted me with all the tools I need to design my ideal destiny.

I hope that you realize how amazing you are and that you take full advantage of each day youíve been gifted with.

I dream of a world filled with peace, creativity and more shoes than we could ever wear. 

While youíre here, take some time to amble through my site. I hope youíll find all the inspiration and joie de vivre you need to go forth and flourish. Follow your dreams. Live your truth. Make the most of your trip around the sun!

Since this crazy journey began, Iíve been a stylist, an author, an inventor and a philanthropist.
And Iím just getting started!

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