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Bath Salt & Smudge Stick Bundle

Bath Salt & Smudge Stick Bundle
Bath Salt & Smudge Stick Bundle
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Our Smudge Bundles are handmade using herbs from Norma’s garden and flowers from local growers. We ship our Smudge Bundles semi-fresh. Once you recurve it, hang it in a dry, dark place to dry and while drying you may meditate over the smudge stick to set your intention. Once dry you may light your smudge stick. 
Smudging is an ancient practice used by aboriginals for centuries as a watt of cleansing and purifying oneself. The smudge bundle itself can contain a wide variety of herbs.
Once the smudge bundle is lit, the smoke emitted from the bundle is used to bless, cleanse, and heal the person, object, or place being smudged. 

Our Smudge Bundles are made with: 
Sage - negative energy clearing and healing
Rosemary - Protection, healing and purifying 
Rose Petals - Meditation, calming, and attracts love

This package also comes with a 16 oz glass jar of handmade bath salts. These bath salts include Dead Sea Salt as well as Epsom Salt and are perfect for tired, sore muscles or simply for a relaxing soak! It also features a beautiful lavender aroma created from the addition of essential oils and is also accented by dried rose petals and French lavender to give you a truly beautiful, relaxing and renewing bath experience.