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Crystıler® Tips and Techniques

Loading Crystyler® Crystals
  • This does not work with SWAROVKI 2058. It does work with all other precision stones we have tried, including SWAROVSKI 2028 and 2038. Also works with Preciosa crystals.
  • Prime tool before use by pulling rod in and out several times then return rod to its original position as purchased in package. 
  • Use a surface with some give: a silicone mat works best, but a notebook or pad of paper will work also. A hard surface may cause the Crystyler® Crystals to occasionally load a little crooked.
  • Position the tool directly above the top of the crystal and move the tool straight down on top of the Crystal. Do not attempt to load the Crystals with the Crystyler® Tool at an angle.
  • You will be able to “feel” each Crystal being loaded properly. If a Crystal seems to have been loaded at a tilt or is not loaded correctly, release the last few Crystals and continue.
  • If a particular Crystal won't load into the Tool, move on and load a few others and come back to it.
  • Do not fill your Tool past the recommended quantity: Crystyler® 12 – 100 Crystyler® Crystals, Crystyler®20 – 70 Crystyler® Crystals.  If you do this, unscrew the top of the Tool and remove all Crystals. Re-assemble the Tool and continue.
  • Your tip is somewhat flexible. If the prongs on the tip are opened a little too much, squeeze the tip with your fingers to tighten the prongs. 

Releasing the Crystyler® Crystals
  • Depending on the space you are working in, hold the Tool perpendicular to the surface and release the Crystal directly on the glue.
  • Sometimes it is easier to hold the Tool at a slight angle, touching the surface next to the glue, releasing the Crystal and letting it easily fall onto the glue.
  • If the Tool jams while you are releasing Crystals, more than likely, a Crystal went into the Tool crooked. Simply snap off the tip of the Tool and remove the Crystals. 

Tips for working with glue
  • If glue gets on the tip of the Crystyler® Tool, wipe the tip off with a paper towel.
  • If the glue dries on the tip, pick it off before loading the Tool with Crystyler® Crystals.
  • Use the correct glue for the surface you are working on so that the Crystals adhere well.